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Let’s Organize Your Financial Life

We’ve invested in technology called Wealth Access to allow our Phase Four financial planning clients enhanced access to their complete financial situation and to assist us in providing the 6 Core Values we believe we need to provide to our clients.

Wealth Access can arguably help us address all 6 areas, but especially the first 3:

  1. Organization - In addition to clear views of your account & net worth info, we have integrated a document vault with a folder structure we designed knowing the primary items clients need organization for. (See below for full visual of the default folder structure we use)

  2. Accountability - Giving you the tools to organize your finances with full visibility of your financial situation allows us to partner with you in establishing goals and action steps on a full Net Worth basis for you to see how choices you make (paying off debt, making retirement contributions, etc) work with investment performance to grow your wealth over time.

  3. Objectivity - There’s no shortage of financial advice for you online, on TV, and via talk radio. While much of it is good (& some is definitely not), that advice may not apply to you without a thorough understanding of your financial situation (along with your unique goals, dreams, family dynamics and employment situation). Wealth Access helps us provide you with that objective advice specific to your situation.

If you have been invited by us to your Wealth Access account, please go to the registration email and then view the following attachments:

Wealth Access Quick Start Guide

On your dashboard begin adding any other outside accounts besides what you have with me as well as mortgages and any other debts.  You can also manually enter any assets or liabilities, but those will obviously need to be manually updated in the future.  You can click on the Zillow link on the right side for info about how to add in any real estate assets and have Zillow update them periodically (Zillow is not perfect by any means, but can give a good estimate.  You can override if you are convinced it is wrong.)

Next, go into your Document Vault, read the “Read This First” guide below and begin uploading any financial documents that would be applicable to those folders.  Wealth Access can be a great secure place to store those important items in an organized place and you can add other people to your financial team if you want to share securely with them as well.  Any documents you already have on your computer can be easily uploaded.  Any documents that you still have on paper (insurance policies, wills and trusts, etc.) can be scanned in to your computer and uploaded.  We can also scan any items for clients here for those who are in the area. We have also added numerous documents in some of the Phase Four Blank Documents folders to help with planning that we can discuss later. You can complete those and upload to your folders.

Aggregation 101

How To Keep Your Accounts Current

Wealth Access Advanced Features Guide

Document Vault Default Folder Structure

Read This First Guide to Titling Documents in Vault

Additional Help features can be found in your portal by clicking “Help” in the upper right hand corner. If you need additional assistance, Contact Wealth Access Support at support@wealthaccess.com or by phone at 615-810-8347 or 866-599-8889 (M-F 9-5 CST)

To view sample reports that can be created, click below:

Account Summary Report

Balance Sheet Summary Report

Personal Financial Statement

Portfolio Diversification Report

For views of some of the available screens in your Wealth Access account:

Client Dashboard

Client Dashboard 2

Manage Accounts

Portfolio Accounts

Document Vault

Clients with MoneyGuide Pro access for comprehensive financial planning will also have a single sign on link to MGP in the portal and a visual representation of plan success inside of Wealth Access.