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My name is Jeff Boyd. I was privileged to be Dave’s first (& initially only) referred financial planner here in San Diego going all the way back to 2004. I've loved working with Dave’s team & clients just like you all of those years – we know how to take what Dave teaches, combined with our own experience of working directly with clients, and create a customized plan that will inspire you to make sustained progress. Here are some things to know about me:

  • I'm the Owner & Founder of Phase Four located in Mission Valley of San Diego (but serving clients all over the county & many other states) since 2009. I've been in the financial planning profession since 1998 & am absolutely passionate about helping my clients achieve the best life possible with the resources they have access to.

  • I'm a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) – this is considered the most comprehensive designation in our industry reflecting both experience & education around the areas of Financial Planning, Investments, Insurance, Tax, Retirement, College Savings, & Estate Planning & carries a focus on fiduciary responsibility in guiding our clients. This may or may not be important if you’re just looking to start a mutual fund, etc., but becomes more valuable if a big picture overview of at least some of those components is what you would benefit from.

  • Phase Four Financial Solutions is a fee-based financial planning firm. This means we are able to do what we believe is best for each client situation with several flexible options for how we work together with our clients from a compensation standpoint.

  • We are independent – This means both that:

  1. We are not required or specially incentivized to recommend any particular investment or insurance companies to our clients, and:

  2. We do have access to almost any option out there, from low-cost index funds and ETF’s to institutional-quality active management & a wide range of other financial solutions. We also have access to the best independent insurance options for life, disability, & Long-Term Care insurance, and I am also Dave’s only ELP in San Diego for LTC coverage.

  • While we're well known for our work with clients in or approaching “Phase Four” (retirement), we have a wide range of clients who we help. Other common themes of those who really benefit from our process are self-employed & business owners, military, business executives, & those going through significant life transitions (job change, marriage, divorce, loss of family member, or just a general desire to make some big life changes).

  • Outside of the office I love to spend time with my wife, Elizabeth, and our amazing kids, Joshua and Leilani. I am active in both playing and coaching a variety of sports, including basketball, racquetball, and volleyball. I am very connected with my church and we love to travel and make family memories. I am involved with several groups promoting entrepreneurship and small business in San Diego.