The idea of our business name, “Phase Four”, originally came about from recognizing an overfocus in our industry on accumulation and a lack of quality advice for Baby Boomers related to the structuring of their accounts and financial plan to sustain a potentially decades-long retirement.  Retirement planning remains a primary focus of ours, but with many people challenging “traditional” expectations of retirement at 65 (and the reality of other important life goals besides retirement) we have expanded the discussion of our Mission to a full life picture of “Helping you (& your family) live a maximized life of accomplishing the goals and visions you value the most”. 

Our Philosophy is that we believe if we can help our clients make consistently educated decisions and focus on the financial habits (cash-flow planning, saving, investing) & actions (organization, goal-setting, accountability, asset allocation) that they can control, that we can help them win in life & impact their family for future generations.  While markets & other outside events are unpredictable (and part of our role is to help you navigate them), we want to help you stay focused on what you can directly impact.

While, as a financial planning firm, we engage clients specifically in Phases 3 & 4, our vision is to additionally be a resource to young people in Phase 1 (including the children & grandchildren of our clients) to have the right early foundation of financial literacy and goal-setting, and also to those in Phase 2 of early career, where debt and poor cash flow management often take people off course from their goals.  We are actively involved with supporting organizations (such as Junior Achievement & The Dave Ramsey Show) and resources focused on these Phases.