Jeff Boyd
Founder of Phase 4 Financial Solutions, CFP®


Phone: 619-291-4333 ext. 104






"I have had a passion for personal financial planning since college and have been involved in the profession since moving to San Diego from Michigan in 1998. I have been the Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) & SmartVestor Pro for Investment Planning and Long-Term Care insurance for the Dave Ramsey Show in San Diego since 2004.  I achieved my CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) designation in 2009.  I bring a wide range of experience for a variety of planning needs, but place a primary focus on creating income plans for individuals approaching & in Phase 4 (Retirement) and working with entrepreneurs and other clients who have big goals they want to accomplish in life. My passion is to encourage my clients to plan & pursue life in such a way that they can live with no regrets.

Outside of the office I love to spend time with my wife, Elizabeth, and our amazing kids, Joshua and Leilani.  I am active in both playing and coaching a variety of sports, very connected with my church, and love to travel." 


Michael Zau
Business Development


Phone: 619-291-4333 ext. 102

"After 22 years in mortgage financing and real estate, I chose to focus my next phase of life in the financial planning industry.   Helping clients make real estate investment decisions brought out my desire to be more central in helping clients plan their overall financial situation, especially the lessons learned through 2008 in helping to understand risks and return expectations.  I'm excited to work with Phase Four to help people who genuinely desire to invest in themselves by making focused financial choices over their lifetime to accomplish their goals.  My current role is guiding the process for those who are introduced to our firm to get connected with our planning team.

Outside of the office I have coached track & field and cross country for my kids and lead youth groups for our church.  I also invest my time with my kids (one in college and two in high school) and my wife of over 22 years, Elena."

Elena Zau
Advisor Support Specialist


Phone: 619-291-4333 ext. 101

"I am part of the Advisor Support team here at Phase Four, supporting day-to-day efforts in making sure clients are well taken care of with any transactions and communication, while always attempting to exceed your expectations. My duties include general account maintenance, handling client requests, troubleshooting, and a variety of operational & support functions."

Extended Planning Team

The nature of our business is such that we are central coordinators of many of our client's secondary planning relationships, including CPA's, Attorneys, Property, Health and other Insurance Agents, Mortgage and Real Estate professionals, and many more.  We have developed relationships with many quality professionals who we consider to be part of our extended service team.  If you need a referral for a specific professional for your planning, we will be happy to make introductions.  We also love working closely with your advisors who are currently part of your planning team.

One specific partner you may connect with if you reach out for Long-Term Care insurance is Mark Dice.  Mark is part of our extended planning team as a dedicated resource to providing his expertise in LTC coverage design and implementation.  Mark has over a decade in insurance and now a dedicated focus to helping clients protect their wealth from poor health, an area that he is passionate about.