First Call/Meeting Resources

Intro to the "Phase Four Blueprinting Process™"

Our initial conversations, whether by phone or in the office, allow us to get an understanding of your current situation & concerns and how we might partner together to see you work toward accomplishing the most important goals you have in life. 

20 Minute Phone Appointment

Often we will first schedule a 20 minute phone conversation allowing us both to get a feel for whether we would be a good match to work together.  This typically consists of reviewing some items you complete online prior to the call and then reviewing our planning options.

The 2 items we will have you complete are:

MyFLP is a Financial Life Planning portal that we use for clients.  We recently started offering selected sections to prospective clients to assist with first phone call/meeting preparation.  We will send valuable, personalized reports based on your responses  - Contact Us to request access). 

Also complete the short "20 Minute Call Questionnaire" for clarity on your call agenda. 

In Office Appointment

We look forward to hosting you in our beautiful office in Mission Valley!     

To schedule an in-office appointment (typically after an initial 20 minute call), please contact Jeff or our Support team directly or utilize the follow-up email after our call. We also utilize Zoom for a great video/screensharing experience from anywhere if that is preferred.

Scheduled 60-90 minute appointments are typically:

10:30 am M & F

1:30 pm M-F

3:30 pm M, W, Th.

and 5:00 pm W

Other times can occasionally be accomodated, if necessary.

To best prepare for our first meeting, please complete the questionnaire that we will send once the appointment has been confirmed.

The focus of our initial meeting will primarily be on your most important life and financial goals and how we can partner with you to make meaningful progress going forward. You can, but are not required to, bring copies of statements that you think are helpful for our conversation. If we mutually determine it makes sense to proceed in working together we have an efficient process for gathering the remaining details and supporting paperwork after our meeting to provide you quality advice.