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Long Term Care Insurance

A great unbiased source for reviewing LTC info is the Life Happens website a non-profit site where they have great videos and other info.  Below are a couple of other items that have some helpful info about LTC coverage. 

To get the most accurate quotes for your situation, please complete this pre-underwriting assessment survey by clicking on the button (have the results shared with me - Jeff Boyd – jeff@phase4fs.com when it asks for that):

Or if you don’t do that and just want something quick (although potentially less accurate if you have health issues) you can summarize the following for me.  Click "Contact Us" and copy and paste 1-5 and then include your answers before submitting.  Once we get the info from you we will work on gathering the quotes and get back with you for a time that we can review everything and answer your questions.

1)      Name(s), DOB(s), Gender(s) & Height(s)/Weight(s) for anyone considering coverage.  Indicate if you have a spouse/partner even if they are not applying for coverage.

2)      Current smoker (or when stopped, if applicable)

3)      What medications are you currently taking (and describe the related health conditions)

4)      Have you been hospitalized in the last 10 years (if so, why and what was the outcome)

5)      Info on any other health issues (including any assistance currently needed or muscular or cognitive concerns)

Cost of Long Term Care Calculator - to help you get a feel for future costs of LTC depending on the type of setting for the care.

There are also options to cover Long Term Care insurance depending on your financial situation that would take money that you have in accounts (that will not necessarily be required for basic retirement expense needs) and contribute a lump-sum that would be multiplied (often 3-5x the amount you put in) for long-term care needs in the future, but also provide a larger amount than what you put in to your heirs if you don't require LTC.  If you believe your financial situation could make that a possibility to consider, please let me know and I will gather that info for you as well.