Financial Solutions

The financial industry for years has promoted investment and insurance products to fill clients needs without the appropriate consideration of the individual needs and goals of the client. Our comprehensive financial planning background matched with our in-depth knowledge of the wide range of financial tools available allow us to approach implementation more holistically, often presenting multiple solutions to a situation that provide the best fit for the individual financial plan, rather than leading with a limited selection of products.

Selecting the Right Account Type...

There can be significant confusion regarding investment account types, such as:

                  401(k)'s, 403(b)'s, TSP's, 457's, SEP's, SIMPLE IRA's, Solo 401(k)'s and other                     employer retirement accounts

                  Traditional IRA's, Roth IRA's, and Rollover IRA's

                  Individual, Joint, and Trust Investment Accounts

                  Unified Managed Accounts (UMA’s) and other managed account programs

                  529 College Savings Plans and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

We help to bring clarity to the tax treatment and appropriate uses for each of those various account types, including any challenges or potential restrictions that need to be considered in regards to individual situation and goals.

Selecting Appropriate Investments...

Once account type is determined we will then help assess the appropriate mix of investments from either what you have available to you (such as in your employer plan) or from the wide range of independent options that we are able to offer our clients.  Investment options would include:

                  Mutual funds

                  Exchange-traded funds (ETF's) & Individual securities

                  Alternative Investments

                  Fixed income investments & savings options

                  Variable, fixed, and indexed annuities and more...

Within those investment options are a wide range of choices from conservative protection focus, to growth, and everything in between.  We have a wide range of planning tools that we use to craft portfolios for our clients that are customized to match up with their risk tolerance and goal objectives.  As independent planners we can implement a wide range of investments directly and/or by utilizing the skills and various investment philosophies of other institutional 3rd party money managers.  

Utilizing Sound Investment Principles

Along with selecting the correct account type and the investments inside, we will work with our clients to be a sounding board through the ups and downs of market cycles and help them practice sound, timeless investment principles, such as:

  • Extensive Global Diversification

  • Asset Allocation based on Goals and Risk Tolerance

  • Periodic Rebalancing

  • Maintaining Discipline to the Long-Term Plan

Implementing Appropriate Risk Management

There are a wide range of financial solutions designed to help address the risks that could otherwise derail even the most carefully crafted financial plan.  

  • Life insurance to protect a surviving family from the financial loss from an unexpected death

  • Disability of a family member who has had income impacted by an injury or illness

  • Health insurance (including Medicare) to protect against potentially catastrophic health events.

  • Long-term care insurance to protect assets from the potentially substantial costs of care necessary for those unable to care for themselves due to physical or mental limitations, often, but not exclusively due to older age

There are also risk management tools connected with investments that can help to limit the impacts of market declines when appropriate, such as options and other hedging strategies.  Annuities, Social Security, and other types of pension income can also be coordinated to protect against the impact of a longer than expected life that might otherwise diminish assets.