Goal Planning 

Every conversation we have with our clients revolves around our ultimate focus of helping them determine, refine, implement, and accomplish the goals that are most important to them leading a fulfilling life. Our clients value our experience & process for exploring their goals in an effort to bring clarity to what a life lived on purpose can look like and how that can help achieve their long term goals. The final outcomes of purchasing a home, children or grandchildren graduating from college, or enjoying a special anniversary trip are worth the financial focus necessary to get there.

Retirement Planning

The most common inspiration for people to seek assistance in their financial planning situation is the desire for peace of mind related to the transition from Phase 3 to Phase 4, where the steady income from employment will be replaced by the combination of retirement incomes and financial assets.  Our process focuses on first discussing what success and fulfillment in Phase 4 looks like for each individual client, then organizing and maximizing the financial resources that will be available, and finally providing a roadmap that allows us to see how all the pieces work together toward accomplishing those goals.

Risk Management

An often overlooked, yet crucial, component of the financial planning process is the role of insurance and other risk management investment tools that are valuable in helping us manage a financial plan for our clients, by identifying the potential risks and pitfalls that could derail the plans that we have put in place the probability of reaching the goal is increased.  We all know that life has risks and things will never go exactly as planned.  We look for ways to effectively transfer the financial impact of certain risks away from our clients as appropriate, such as the impact that a disability, health event, fire, early death, or long term care health need would have on a family, or even the impacts that a market crash or a longer than expected life would have on an investment portfolio.  Thinking through the issues that impact our clients and planning where appropriate can help to give them more confidence in the final success of their plan.

Planning Tools

We have made significant investments in planning tools that help us to provide clients with as much clarity as possible in the creation and tracking of their financial plan.  Our primary financial planning software has been the industry leading software for years and provides an ongoing interactive & collaborative experience for following a "living" financial plan over time as clients can access it from anywhere they have computer access.  Additional planning tools allow us to provide clarity on the risk in current and proposed investment portfolios to make insure they line up with the risk tolerance necessary to achieve financial goals.

Extended Professional Network

While there are a wide range of services that we are specifically licensed for and qualified to advise on in the financial planning process, we will also work to coordinate for clients a complete financial planning team of professionals that would additionally include tax advisors, estate planning professionals, real estate & mortgage advisors, insurance and banking professionals, and more.  We have developed relationships over the years with people who we trust to provide competent and caring advice to support and extend the conversations that we have with our clients, but we will also gladly collaborate with any existing relationships in those areas as well.  Our goal is to help craft the most effective financial planning team that can support the attainment of your goals.