First Meeting Resources - Intro to the Phase Four Planning Process


Our initial conversations with clients allow us to get an understanding of their current situation & concerns and where they are at in the Phases process.  We gather a financial data sheet and risk assessment prior to our initial conversation, so that we can assess that data, but also so that in our meeting we can focus our conversation on the more important items, such as your core values and long term goals. The initial meeting is an opportunity for both parties to make sure our goals are in line.  

Please download questionnaire prior to filling in info so that it saves/prints your info properly.



Investment Profile can optionally be completed after the first meeting, but is ideal for guiding investment discussion, even in the initial meeting.

Risk Analysis

This is an optional additional risk analysis tool from a different perspective than the questionnaire above.  Completing this can give us additional insights to build the proper portfolio for you and integrates directly with a portfolio planning tool that we use called Riskalyze.